Reminder: LB 263 Amended Intrastate Hours of Service

Reminder: Legislative Bill 263 amended the Intrastate Hours of Service  in State Statute 75-363. Signed by the Governor and went into effect April 27, 2017, LB 263 changed the provision relating to Part 395 (Intrastate Hours of Service) amending the regulation requiring drivers to take ten consecutive hours off duty instead of the previous eight consecutive hours off duty. 

LB 263 Part 395 - HOURS OF SERVICE OF DRIVERS shall apply to motor carriers and drivers who engage in intrastate commerce as defined in section 75-362, except that no motor carrier who engages in intrastate commerce shall permit or require any driver used by it to drive nor shall any driver drive: (i) More than twelve hours following ten eight consecutive hours off duty; or (ii) For any period after having been on duty sixteen hours following ten eight consecutive hours off duty.



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