Executive Director's Message - February 23, 2018

Post-convention message from the AGC Nebraska Chapter's Executive Director, Katie Wilson.

In my pre-convention planning session with 2017 President, Steve Samuelson, Steve asked me to make a list of what achievements were made during his 2017 Presidency.  Achievement; it's a big word, “how do you measure” I thought to myself.  So many of the things the Association is working on are ongoing; we work on parts of the issues but then get focused on something entirely new. 

However, I just returned from the first 2018 meeting of the NDOT Innovative Task Force.  I wish the Task Force had met prior to the convention.  Deputy Directors, Khalil Jaber and Moe Jamishidi, reported on many of the changes being made within NDOT which will improve the way contractors and consultants will do business in the project delivery and construction letting process:
  • Improving the number of projects which have made their target letting (currently 83.7% of projects are being let in their targeted letting);
  • Added the current and future FYs State Surface Transportation Project List, which includes description of work, project length, Asphalt and Concrete quantities, as well as the project status to their website,
  • The Construction Division streamlined the bid award process (they removed some of the steps involved in awarding projects, they realized it made sense to award the “simple” projects within a week and then followed with the others as they were worked through the process);
  • Provide preliminary plans to contractor's months ahead of advertisement (this was requested a few years ago and continues today);
  • Improved the OJT process (this is an ongoing process, the joint AGC/NDOT Training task force has been meeting for a couple years with the Civil Rights Division);
  • Improved project delivery process for LPA projects (the LPA issue was on my initial list of issues I discussed with Director Schneweis at our first meeting in May 2015);
  • Providing contractors and consultants remote access to NDOT network (this is an ongoing process, because of legal ramifications as well as security issues, this won't happen overnight)
So as you can see, AGC has been and continues to be instrumental in affecting change at the NDOT.  There have been many task forces which have worked and are continuing to work on many of the items listed above.  Many of these items are in phases of change, but AGC will continue to partner as much as we can in order to improve how we do business with the NDOT. 

Finally, I want to thank Steve Samuelson for his leadership this past year.  He reminds everyone all the time meetings have to have a purpose, and they have to stay on schedule!!  While we do hold a lot of meetings, I believe most agree good solid issues are discussed and we are working together to find solutions!  Thank you all for your continued support, and I look forward to another year working for this great industry!!



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