AGC Nebraska Chapter Completes First After School Construction Club

This winter, the AGC Nebraska Chapter held its first after school construction club at Arnold Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska.

This winter, the AGC Nebraska Chapter held its first after school construction club at Arnold Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska. AGC staff and member volunteers participated once a week after school for six weeks. The club consisted of 13 students including third, fourth, and fifth graders. The purpose of this club was to teach the students a few basic construction concepts and skills and promote careers in the construction industry. In addition to high school students, we believe it is vital to promote construction careers to students in elementary school and middle school as well.

Week 1: Work Zone Safety
The students were given simple plans to block off a street (hallway) and create a detour to the outlined end location. They had to measure spacing, install traffic cones, and place signs in the appropriate places.

Week 2: Pavement Markings
Students learned about what the different road markings meant. They measured spacing and installed tape for the stripes laid out in the given plans.


Week 3: Concrete 
The students learned what concrete was made of and how to mix it. They then poured the concrete into forms (toilet paper tubes and muffin tins) to be used for structures the following week.


Week 4: Structures
Student groups were instructed to build some type of structure using the concrete pillars created the previous week. Groups chose structures including a football stadium, bridge deck, and city buildings.


Week 5: Utilities
Students were given different PVC pipe pieces and were required to make a drainage system.


Week 6: Equipment
At the end of the construction club's 6-week session, the students learned about heavy equipment operator careers and were able to see a mini excavator and skid steer operated outside the school.


The AGC Nebraska Chapter would like to extend a huge thank you to Steve Ragoss with MTZ Construction for assisting in developing the club activities and attending every week. We appreciate your dedication and service to the heavy highway industry!

We would also like to thank our other AGC member volunteers that helped throughout the course of the club. 
Chad Van Ostrand (UNICO Group, Inc.)
Megan Robison (UNICO Group, Inc.)
Jory Torres (Contractor Services, Inc.)
Chase Bassett (Ellerbrock-Norris Insurance)
Jake Buss (Gene Lilly Surety Bonds, Inc.)
Tom King (Gene Lilly Surety Bonds, Inc.)
Jason White (A.M. Cohron & Son, Inc.)




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