Executive Director's Chapter Update

Katie Wilson, Executive Director, gives a "Memorial Day weekend" chapter update.

It's Memorial Weekend, but it sure looks and feels like the 4th of July. Winter turned to summer, without much of a spring! The good thing is the sun is shining and the “non-stop” rains have moved on, and construction is in full force in Nebraska! While all of you are getting your projects started and built, we are working on a number of things here at the AGC!

Here are some highlights:
  • Membership Recruitment & Retention: Since the AGC Board made membership recruitment a priority in 2017, we have seen 7.6% growth in Contractor membership and 8.5% growth in Associate membership. Everyone can help with recruitment; if you have business relationships with companies who are not members of AGC, send Sheila their information and help her make that initial contact! Sometimes it's as simple as being asked to join!
  • Grassroots Roads Advocacy Campaign “Better Roads Nebraska” - Check it out at:
  • Committees: The joint committees have been meeting and tackling their specific issues. Check out the website for agendas and minutes.
  • General Issues Committee has been developed, members have been appointed, and the first meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 29th.
  • The Associates Committee is making a comeback! Look for more information in the weeks to come!
  • AGC/NDOT/FHWA Liaison Committee met in March. The next meeting is scheduled for June 8th.
  • Katie and Chapter leaders attended the AGC/Corps of Engineers meeting in May where they met and visited with the new Chief of the COE Omaha Regulatory Division.
  • Lane Rental Task Force has met 11 times since the first of the year. The mock bid was held May 18th. The taskforce will now interview all who participated which will give the task force valuable information as they begin to develop the project selection guidance document. Lane Rental information can be found on the AGC website.
  • Dues Task Force is finalizing a proposal to take to the membership later in the summer. Their proposed structure would be a revenue-neutral simpler process to aid in recruitment as well as during the renewal process. 
I have been traveling around visiting members and will continue to do so throughout the summer and fall. I plan to update everyone on what's going on at AGC and review the dues proposal, but I also want to listen and learn about what each of you do. I realize many of your desks are in your vehicle, so if you want to meet at a job site rather than in your office, that works for me. Just let me know ahead of time so I can pack my “work attire!”
I also want to remind everyone to check out the AGC Nebraska Chapter website! It's a much-improved website from a year ago. Once you are logged in you have the ability to access your company account, register for events, check on billing history, make online payments, access committee information, AGC discount programs, the member directory, and AGC of America information, and see upcoming events. Once you log in and become familiar with the site it will be as simple as shopping on Amazon! Look for a fun AGC website competition in the coming weeks (HINT:  Be sure to read the Friday Focus newsletter).
Sheila, Kelsi, and I hope you all have a fun, but safe, Memorial Weekend! While many of you will use the long weekend to head to the lake, the golf course, or a ball game, or get stuff done around the house, I hope everyone takes time to remember those we've lost and honor those who died while serving this great country!



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Katie Wilson
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