Contractor Reminder: FHWA 1273 for Subcontracts

The following guidance has been added to NDOT's Contractor Information webpage under Subcontracts.

FHWA Form 1273 - The FHWA-1273 requires that the FHWA-1273 that was current as of the project letting be physically incorporated in each subcontract. The most effective way for both the contractor and the State to assure that this is the case is for the contractor to incorporate the FHWA-1273 that includes the project number from the original contract in all contracts, subcontracts, and lower-tier subcontracts. In order to effect this guidance, beginning August 27, 2018 all subcontracts submitted to the Construction Division shall incorporate the FHWA-1273 from the project contract. Subcontracts submitted to the Construction Division without the proper FHWA-1273 will be returned, unapproved, to the prime.



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