NDOT's COVID-19 Update


To our Industry Partners-

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nebraska Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe workplace and the best possible statewide transportation system for the movement of people and goods.
Under the direction of Governor Ricketts, I've set the expectation that the Department will stay operational and continue to deliver services through the most effective and efficient means available. While we understand that COVID-19 is bound to disrupt the normalcy of our everyday work, we are actively working to minimize impacts by finding innovative solutions to carry on.

As we saw during the 2019 floods, the transportation system is critical to the health, safety and well-being of Nebraskans. We recognize that the reliability of our transportation system is critical to our response to the pandemic. Our roads and bridges will remain open and the NDOT operational.

What you can expect:

Value placed on Safety.
NDOT is working closely with Nebraska's DHHS to stay abreast of the public health community's guidance on combatting the spread of the virus. We will support the recommended mitigation strategies to slow transmission to help our communities return to the normalcy we all miss.

Open and honest Communication.
As the situation develops, NDOT will provide updates and remain in close communication with industry associations. The situation requires NDOT and our partners to stay agile and flexible. Communication is key to getting through this together.

Dedication to Carry On.
NDOT has a rich history of dedication to our mission. No matter the situation we will find a way to be operational. It may look different, it might not be what you are used to but we will carry on.
  • NDOT will continue to protect public safety by keeping our roads safe
  • Rest Areas will remain open and operational
  • Construction operations will continue
  • NDOT will continue to deliver projects
How you can Help.
  • Be patient, over communicate and follow up. A majority of staff is working remotely and communication and feedback is important as we work through challenges.
  • We expect payments to continue as normal. Where you can, submit documents electronically.
  • Share information on impacts. We are evaluating opportunities to waive/modify/extend any requirements that may provide needed flexibility to our customers and partners.
Our focus on customer service has never been stronger. We are committed to serving the public and our partners. We understand the impact roads have on the economy and are committed to the balance of safely maintaining our transportation network throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kyle Schneweis, P.E., Director



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