Message from the Executive Director


Project Reminders
• Continue to check the NDOT's Project page for information. They have added a COVID-19 Update section which includes updated e-mails for various submittals. Click Here
• As you are preparing to start your projects; allow for plenty of time for permit applications and Contractor site use requests, as many government offices are moving to remote work sites.
COVID-19 Job Site Practice Tips
• If we are going to continue to keep our jobs running and keep everyone safe and healthy everyone needs to do their part. Being proactive and adopting certain company protocols is a must. As our jobsites begin this spring, we need to make everyone aware of these protocols. I received Proactive Measures for Addressing COVID-19 from AGC last night (see attached), which is a great resource for jobsite visitor protocols.
• One of the greatest values of AGC of America is the sharing of resources among AGC chapters. Here is a link to the AGC Oregon Columbia Chapter's “COVID-19 Job Site Practices document. They have combined various links into one document. There are a lot of good links which you can share with your job site managers (it's attached).
• Here's a good Toolbox Talk Safety Meeting on “COVID-19” provided by AGC of Washington (see attached).
Other Information
• AGC of America has developed a Coronavirus (COVID-19) website. You can find updated information regarding the pandemic as well as helpful resources.
• AGC, along with our industry partners on the Construction Industry Safety Coalition, are pushing OSHA to re-evaluate its decision to treat cases of employees contracting COVID-19 as recordable incidents. They are also pushing OSHA to provide flexibility in enforcement with respect to respirator use due to the growing shortage of N95 respirators.
• AGC of America is also monitoring whether there are widespread delays or permitting challenges this spring since the COVID-19 crisis. If you have faced permitting issues please let me know!
• If you have any challenges as you begin your jobs related to COVID-19; please let us know ASAP!!
• We are almost two months into our “Road Rebellion” social media campaign. Make sure you go to Facebook and Instagram and follow “Road Rebellion”! Also check out the website PaveYourOwnWay. Check out your website as if you were an applicant. Check out the other sites. Is your site easy to navigate to? Do you have a Career Page or Job Opportunity page?? Is there information available? It if says “Call _____________”!! You probably aren't getting the bang for your buck!!




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Katie Wilson
Executive Director

Sheila Radenslaben
Membership & Business
Development Coordinator