Honorary Members

Honorary membership in AGC may be given to any individual whose service to the construction industry and AGC is deemed to have been unusually outstanding by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. Honorary membership may be given only to an individual who has permanently retired from active participation in the construction industry.

Don Adams
Vayden Anderson
Jim Biba
Bill Bowen
Art Dobson
Charlie Ellis
Nick Garcia
Dick Homan
Walt Huff
W.P. "Bud" Jeffries
Jerome Niedfeldt
Ivan Paulsen
Bill Slaughter
Curt Smith
Jerry Swanson
Tom Tidball
Larry Webb
Phil Werner, Sr.
Phil White
Rich Wilke
Doug Williams
Doug Mohrman


Contact the AGC office at
(402) 435-4355 or email an
AGC staff member.

Katie Wilson
Executive Director

Sheila Radenslaben
Membership & Business
Development Coordinator

Carly Smith
Communications Specialist