Summary of Positions


Statewide Transportation Infrastructure:
The current funding sources that provide for a sustainable multi-modal statewide transportation program in Nebraska must be preserved. New sources must also be pursued in order to fund unmet needs at the state, county and city levels. User fees have historically funded transportation infrastructure and are still the preferred solution by a majority of Nebraskans.

It is critical that the infrastructure funding progress made in the past half-decade be preserved so projects that Nebraskans need and are promised are delivered on a timely basis and can contribute to growing Nebraska's economy.

Recent laws:
  • 2011: The Build Nebraska Act (LB 84) dedicated one-quarter cent of the state's existing sales tax for twenty years beginning in 2013 to state highway capital improvement projects as well as city and county projects.
  • 2015: The state gas tax increased a total of six cents over a four year period beginning July of 2016 (LB 610)
  • 2016: The state infrastructure bank was created; financed with $50 million from the state's cash reserve and the increased gas tax revenues enacted in prior legislative sessions.

Sufficient and sustainable funding sources are key to providing for the safety of all Nebraskans and maintaining Nebraska's economic position as a hub for the nation's commerce.

Business & Workforce Capacity

Skilled Workforce, Training & Education:
AGC Nebraska supports efforts that will improve the technical skills, attitudes and awareness of the construction industry workforce needed to increase productivity and prepare for the ever-changing nature of work.

AGC Nebraska encourages reform of the Perkins Act; to promote post-secondary technical education as an option; and we encourage middle and high school educators to educate our youth about all the opportunities available post graduation.

The future of the construction industry depends on the future workforce available.

Environmental Issues

Regulatory issues:
AGC Nebraska supports a clean environment by working with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and federal and state legislators as well as other industry stakeholders. AGC Nebraska supports environmental laws and regulations that protect the environment while still allowing the construction industry to effectively and efficiently build private and public projects without placing an undue burden on the construction industry. We support the common sense application of environmental regulations. We encourage the NDEQ to work toward a more consistent application of environmental regulations throughout the various regions of the state and to approach compliance with a desire to provide compliance assistance rather than assessing harsh and strict fines and penalties which could financially cripple a contractor.


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