Nebraska Transportation Funding Sources

Nebraska’s highways and bridges are funded primarily from four state sources.

These funds are dedicated to asset preservation, system modernization, or capital improvement of our highways and bridges.

Summary of 20-Year Needs

Asset Preservation

The majority of the funding is dedicated to preserving the existing state highway system. According to the NDOT’s 2017 State Highway Needs Assessment, the projected 20-year asset preservation needs are estimated to cost $6.6 billion.

System Modernization

System modernization is associated with roadway improvements that do not increase capacity. These needs are associated with deficiencies such as pavement width, shoulder width, vertical curves, and bridge width. According to the NDOT’s 2017 State Highway Needs Assessment, the projected 20-year system modernization needs for the interstate, rural, and municipal highways are estimated to cost $1.7 billion.

Capital Improvement

Enacted by the Legislature in 2011, the Build Nebraska Act (BNA) dedicates 0.25% of sales tax receipts for expansion of the Expressway System, federally designated High Priority Corridors, and preservation of the existing transportation system. In less technical terms, this means that the Build Nebraska Act is the primary source of funding for capital improvement projects - adding lanes and expanding roads - in Nebraska. It is how we grow our state.

This Act dedicates 85% of the revenues to state projects and 15% to local roads and streets (equal split to the cities and counties). The revenues became available in 2013 and are on track to fund an estimated $1.6 billion of projects before its sunset in June 2033.

Projects primarily funded in the first 10 years by the BNA

Preliminary list of projects to be funded in the final 10 years by the BNA


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